We will share the stories of animals rescued and raised as well as information about FeLV and FIV. We have a fundraising page, Auctions 4 Charity where we aim to raise funds to assist welfare animals with sterilisations as well as tests for Feline aids and feline leukaemia viruses.

We will help rehome those rescued and raised by the many who care enough to sacrifice their time and efforts to help the needy animals. We will promote fundraising initiatives aimed to do this and specifically share our auctions.

We have started with a few private rescue animals we have successfully rehomed. We are a few friends helping to rehome and network those who need it. This collaboration of efforts created the need to share our stories, their happy endings and get more friends involved with these efforts.

We aim to build a relationship with people and other organisations in order to get good homes for our foster animals as well as aim to assist with education where possible. We always consider the needs of our foster animals first, so all adoption applications will be viewed with this priority in mind. All applications will be treated equally and fair.

Our rehoming policy is as follows:
* All moms of kittens, individual cats or kittens are tested for feline leukaemia and feline aids and if negative, will be vaccinated for feline leukaemia
* Upon receipt of an application form, a home visit will be arranged and the potential adopter can meet the pet. An adoption can then be finalised upon receipt of the adoption fee.
* Our rescues are not to be “sold”
* Our rescues are not to be adopted as gifts for anyone or to dependants where parents should be responsible for the financial care of the pet
* The use of welfare veterinary services like SPCA is not supported, due to welfare organisations overflowed with real welfare cases and and adopter should be able to finance for their own pet’s care through private vet care.
* Our adoption fee is not negotiable as it includes deworming to date, flea treatment, vaccinations to date, testing for FeLV and FIV, vaccinations for FeLV to date and sterilisation. An adoption fee is a commitment fee, and will in most cases never cover the full costs incurred for the animal’s care prior to adoption.

We cannot save them all, but the ones we do save, stay our responsibility until they find a good home. This is our choice and our commitment to them.

Help us share and care to raise and rescue.

All our rescues (with exception of very few) will be seen by our vet.

You can contact me on 072 836 9606 and if I do not answer, please leave a detailed message, alternatively, email raisenrescue@gmail.com

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