Frequently Asked Questions



Where is your shelter based? What are your operating hours?

We do not have a shelter, we have a small rescue centre in Bellville and we refer to it as HQ (head quarters) at a private home where our base is. This is where new rescues come to and stay in quarantine or until they are ready to go to foster homes. Sometimes they get adopted straight from the rescue centre, but their condition and rehabilitation needs will determine where they go. All decisions are based on what is in the best interest of the rescue. This is also where all our food, medicine, litter and equipment gets stored. Our foster homes are all set up to provide the best care for all our rescues and they are also situated close to our vets (we have 5 main veterinary practices who assist us) so that we can get the best medical care for our rescues when they need it. We also have a kitten room with many scratch posts here for fostering kittens that are safer to mix with other cats and it has an outside catio attached so kitties can go and play in the grass.

When can I come view your kittens for adoption?

Because our rescues are homed in private homes, we require that prospective adopters send us a filled in adoption application form so we know who it is we send to our foster homes. It is also important to know that we try and match up our rescues to the perfect homes for THEM. We understand that people have preferences about colour, sex, etc., but for us it is important that the personality of the rescue will fit in with the existing family. We have assisted in many perfect match adoptions as we want to make sure our rescues and adopted families are happy.