Raise ‘n Rescue is in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We don’t have a shelter, but all our rescues are in different foster homes in and around the Bellville area.

We are all volunteers who work during the day, but our communication is ongoing via email info@raisenrescue.org.za.

Our rescue stories, information on animals up for adoption as well as other interesting information about cats are shared on our Facebook page

We have a sponsorship program on Facebook.

We don’t take in strays, cats surrendered by owners due to emigration or any other rescues. We do kitten rescue ourselves and we work in collaboration with specific shelters where we get cats from.

Our test for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and FIV (Feline aids) policy is as follows:

  • When we get a mother cat and kittens in, the mother cat gets tested for FeLV and FIV.
  • When we get one orphan kitten in, the kitten gets tested for FeLV and FIV.
  • When we get a litter of multiple kittens in without a mother, one or more kittens in the litter get tested randomly.
  • Cats that test positive for either viruses don’t get adopted out.
  • Owners who adopt kittens and cats are strongly advised to retest the cats at 6 months old or 3 months after adoption again.

All our kittens get sterilised at 9 weeks old or when they weigh 850g, before they go home. They also get vaccinated and microchipped.

If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten. please navigate to our adopt page to download our adoption form.

Navigate to our get involved page to find out how you can get involved.